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Welcome to MyStockNamaPK

What is MyStockNama.PK?
first time
    We believe in :
  • accounting as a tool for decision making;
  • impact of accounting information on management's decision;
  • Why Accounting is important in Decision-Making;
  • The use of Accounting Information as a management tool for decision making;

   Now you can
over view ...
use Accounting as tool
your performance by report generated on this ONLINE system . These information will pinpoint your buying and selling with loss or gain on this transaction.
The information provided by this SYSTEM never presented before in Pakistan.
For more information and details please contact or click on relevant links.
Accounting does not mean keeping record of buying and selling.
It must be a TOOL to your decesion making, as the reports & information generated on your buying and selling will provide you this TOOL.
You can do this by your own NO expertise is required. After 10 entries you will become vigilant and expert to monitor your trading.
MyStockNama.PK thanks all those who appreciated our efforts in and sent us their valuable feedback and help.
This boosted our efforts and now present you this useful platform for the Investors in Stock and Shares.
24 Hours Online Supports
For More Information Contact at 0321-2259124

Upcoming Sections of MyStockNama.PK
  • More Detailed Reports
  • Rate of Return Calculations
  • Past History of Listed Companies
  • List of Stock Exchange Members
  • Your Expertise
  • Members Diary
  • Portfolio Diary
  • Messenger for Member to Member
  • Index Watch
  • Financia Results - Database
  • More assisting features for Investors.....

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